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About Bradshaw Mazda

BRADSHAW AUTOMOTIVE began in 1979 when William Bradshaw and his wife, Annette, purchased a small Oldsmobile/Cadillac Dealership in Greer, South Carolina.

Shortly after entering the automotive business as a young office manager, William knew he wanted to become a dealer and his aim was to achieve that goal by the time he was thirty years old. At age twenty-nine, William and Annette sold their home and using that equity and their small savings, along with the help of a financial investor/mentor, they purchased that small store in Greer. The stakes were high, but it was the opportunity of a lifetime. The risk, along with the hard work, the contribution of many dedicated employees, and some good luck, paid off. That small store with fifteen employees has now grown to include five dealerships and seven different franchises with just over three hundred employees.

As Bradshaw began to grow, a small Buick store was added in 1987 and in 1988, Chevrolet was acquired. Then came Acura, Honda, Saturn, Infiniti, GMC, and, most recently, Mazda. Additional franchises may be added as time and opportunity permits. While the organization has grown considerably, it is still a family-run operation. William is active in the day-to-day operations of all of the dealerships and is now aided by his son, Wes Bradshaw, and his son-in-law, Bill Donovan. The growth and success of Bradshaw Automotive can be best explained by William’s philosophy of treating employees and customers like family, and always respecting their needs.

William’s automotive accomplishments are easy to measure in sales, but his total accomplishments are less obvious. His contributions to his community, both in time and financially, his leadership position with Greenville Tech Foundation, his and Annette’s work and contributions to the Greenville Children’s Museum, his selection as South Carolina Auto Dealer of the Year, his recognition as a Time Quality Dealer and a National Finalist for that award, and his service with NADA (National Auto Dealers Association, an organization representing over 20,000 new car dealers across the nation) are all indications of his service to his community and his industry. In 2006, William was installed as National Chairman of NADA, furthering his service and impact on the automotive community. Most recently, William was named the AIADA (American Import Automobile Dealer Association)/Newsweek Dealer of the Year for 2008.